COVID-19: Day 44: Getting a groove on.

I’m settling into this.

I haven’t had much to talk about. I work. I  clean. I eat. I nap.  I sleep.  Day in and day out.

Yesterday, a friend approached me with a writing project.  Woo Hoo!  I need assignments to write and this one even came with a writing prompt.

“and she spilled it before he could tell her no”  — prompt from Bobby Lee Messer

I had to turn that into a 90-second spoken word story.  I did.  It takes a long while to write 250 cohesive and coherent words.  I figure I’ve got 5 hours and change into the latest draft.  Shorter is harder.

Tonight, I’m kinda embarrassed to say, I broke quarantine and had my mom in for dinner.  I cooked tacos.  By the time I carried them down the hill they were going to be cold.  We can’t be having cold (and wet, it’s raining) tacos.  So, we sat almost six feet apart and had dinner together.  You may recall that tacos My Way are my favorite meal.

It was nice to have an in-person conversation.  I did, however, unceremoniously throw her out once we were both eating. It’s one thing to bend rules.  It’s another to shatter them.


COVID-19: Day 36: Music!

It’s Day 36.  I’ve spent the day napping and cleaning.

Now, I have my Youtube playing on the Big Stupid Stupid TV through the Bose Speakers.  It’s all good.

There’s nothing better than Boot Scootin’ Boogie at ear-deafening levels with no neighbors to complain.    Get down, turn around, let’s go boot scootin’  Get down turn around get down turn around, boot scooting boogie.

Yee haw………….where are my cowboy boots?