I really, really dislike unkindness in any form.  This includes being rude, crass, thoughtless, and self-centered. 

Years ago now, I had an online friend who went by the name Ygg, short for Yggdrasil, the sacred tree of Norse mythology.  Norse mythology aside, she was Goth.  She might have invented Goth.  Lots of black lipstick, black corsets, black crinolines, and a splendid black cape.  She was married to a heavy metal musician who did IT stuff in his spare time.  Both of them are certified geniuses on the IQ scale, good looking, extremely talented, and scary smart.  I used to joke that if they ever had a child, it would be the Messiah. 

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

We were both members of an online fan group for the author Tom Robbins.  People who like Tom Robbins enough to go looking for a fan club know how odd the members are likely to be.  Ygg’s oddness didn’t faze me in the least.

What did faze me that time we ran around D.C. together was Ygg’s sheer kindness.  She was unfailingly polite, the consummate hostess, thoughtful, and well-intentioned to everyone she encountered from the bus driver to her husband.

I didn’t equate Goth and heavy metal with kindness.  It kind of floored me.  That’s when I made a conscious decision to try and be more kind.

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COVID-19: Day 27 and Day 28: TECHNOLOGY STILL

I’ve been crazed.  It’s been a comedy of errors with both the AT&T iPhone and the Frontier DSL.  The upshot of which has been I have either been without WiFi or without Internet for most of a week.

Crazed, I tell you.

At 10:30 or so last night, I finally got a person a Frontier, after multiple phone calls, that could wave the magic wand to get my new router to actually route stuff.  Woo Hoo!  We’re cooking with gas now.

The AT&T debacle is 99% my fault.  I threw away the shipping materials to send my trade-in to them.  They can’t seem to retrieve the numbers necessary to recreate the shipping materials because the store I bought the iPhone 8 from is closed due to COVID-19.  Yeah, I don’t understand either but it is what it is.  So now, I have to wait for the threatening letter or additional charges or something to get it all worked out.  The guy at AT&T was just great.

So were the folks at Frontier.

I’m used to technology being screwy in my barn.  I attribute the fact that I have a tin roof on part of the house as the reason.

But my new phone is finally set up and operating.  My WiFi and Internet both work.  I’m happy for the moment.

Good morning!