My intentions are good.

I like writing unless I have a formal project to work on and then I procrastinate it.  I do a lot of head-writing but don’t put it on paper.  Fear of failure?  Needing an adrenaline surge to produce?  Right now, I have hanging over my head, an article that I need to write from an interview of one of my all-time favorite people.

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

I think this piece will get a reasonably large readership.  Everyone knows her and everyone loves her.  She’s more fun than a box of puppies. 

I like having an audience.  I do write to know what I think, but I also write to be read.  Of course, I have some pieces that will never see an editor’s pen, but others I want out there for anyone to read at will. 

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I pretty much make them every year with varying levels of real intention to follow through – New Year’s Resolutions. I am rarely successful. Almost never. Once. I can think of one time I kept my resolution – sort of. 

In the years leading up to 2008, I found myself watching Law & Order in one of its iterations, the original, SVU, Criminal Intent, Dastardly Defendants, etc. on one channel or another all the flippin’ time. If I was home, the tv was on and tuned to Law & Order on some station somewhere. I had a satellite at the time. I could get Law & Order 24/7. Yes. Yes, I could.  

Slowly, I realized it was making me a different person – more suspicious, adopting the view that the world is a terrible place where terrible things happen all the time, where there are no good guys. Still, my addiction held sway. It was like looking at a car wreck when you drive by. Just couldn’t help myself. 

So, armed with the slogan Great in Oh Eight!, I vowed no more Law & Order. I was serious about this although my track record for keeping resolutions was zilch. Still, hope was triumphant. 

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My Aunt Connie’s Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  There is no gift giving, No real decorating to speak of unless you are Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart and I share a birthday.  That’s about all we share.

I love Thanksgiving.

Photo by Virginia Simionato on Unsplash

I cooked my first turkey when I was 15 or so.  I wanted to learn.  Easy peasy.  Even bad turkey is good.  I learned how to make gravy from the giblets.  I already knew how to make bread and Grandma Emma’s chocolate bottom pie.  I always have fresh cranberries for my mother.  Roasted asparagus for my brother.  Squash with sausage for my dad when he was still alive as well as cornbread dressing and regular dressing.  In fact, dressing may be my favorite.

Of course, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  And Brussel sprouts.  I vow each year to add corn pudding but haven’t yet.  It’s already two full days of cooking and I’m getting old.  There will be wine and everyone’s favorite soft beverage. 

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