The Something-or-Other of Junk Jewelry

The good stuff and the junk.

I am the Something-or-Other of Junk Jewelry.  Really.  I have a rhinestone tiara and everything.

I used to wear good stuff.  Really good stuff.

My dad was in Asia a lot having been a career Marine.  He would buy my mom and me exquisite jewelry. A lot of it was pearls — really nice ones in heavy gold, white, and yellow, settings. 

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Confessions of an online shopper

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

Every woman I know is puzzled as to why they put fluorescent lights in department store dressing rooms. Guaranteed to make one look awful, they are pure, unadulterated evil. These stores spend a great deal of money on design and marketing. You would think somebody would tell them to get the fluorescent lights out of the room where folks on trying on clothes to see if they’re interested in purchasing.

Really basic, right?

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Spanish Dancer Shoes

I might have a shoe problem.


It’s a problem especially now that I live alone and there is no one to stop me from my madness. 

As I write this, the one side of my king-sized bed is covered in new boxes.  The government called it an economic stimulus.  I called it New Shoes! 

I went overboard.

I have written many times about why I have a shoe addiction – those ugly black and white saddle shoes  — corrective shoes prescribed by a podiatrist.   I hated them.  A visceral strong pulse of hate.  Loathed them.  Stretch that word out –Looooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathhhhhhhhhhhhhhed.

But I’ve never talked about my favorite shoes.


I’ve had many shoes that I’ve loved — worn to tatters.  Which ones are my favorite?  All of them..  It depends on the day, the outfit, my mood.  The depth of my nostalgia or temporality.

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COVID-19: Day 29: No Easter Outfit

Some time ago, I wrote the infamous Why I Blame My Mother For My Shoe Fixation post. 

Having an Easter outfit with new shoes was pretty routine.  I’ve carried it into my later years even though I don’t attend church.

There will be no Easter outfit or Easter shoes this year.  Or an Easter dinner though I am playing around with the idea of making scalloped potatoes on Sunday.

I did order my mom an Easter basket which they kindly delivered yesterday.  She was tickled, but still and all it just doesn’t feel like Easter.

I’m growing weary of this quarantine, but I am still suffering it happily.  The alternative is death and destruction and in this time of Easter, we are to focus on life.  So maybe I’ll plan the Out of Quarantine Outfit and new shoes