Myrna Loy Primping for William Powell

white-shoulders-cologneLately, I’ve been very annoyed with my perfume bottle.

Not the perfume, mind you. I’ve worn the same perfume since I was 10 – White Shoulders. I love it. I have always loved it and, recently, I learned it was the first perfume my dad ever gave his mom. He was about the age I was when he saved his money to buy it for her.  It was given to me by my great aunt and except for a brief flirtation with some heavily advertised brands in the early 70s, it’s the only perfume I’ve ever worn.

It’s a delicate scent that mixes well with my body chemistry. While it’s an affordable perfume, it’s not cheap. Someone generally gets me a bottle every other Christmas which works out well because that’s about how long it takes me to go through a bottle.

perfume bottleThe last bottle was not a spray bottle. I just opened a new one and it’s been aggravating me – trying to pour out just enough and then splashing it around like after shave. It’s a barbaric way to handle a delicate scent.

I’m on the “one for them, one for me” Christmas gift shopping plan. On a recent online foray, I ran across perfume bottles with those old-fashioned rubber squeeze bulbs. Oh my.

Now we know how I feel about my dressing table. And we know how I feel about the elegance of times past.

So how could I not buy it? Honestly.

It arrived today and it’s just wonderful. I feel like Myrna Loy primping for William Powell.

The one that started it. . .

This song started my lifelong love of 50s music. This stuff just makes you feel good and wish you were in love.

When I was 10, I heard this song for the first time – a good 10 years, perhaps 15, after it was released. It was the earworm to end all earworms. I immediately became entranced with 50s music. My mother enjoyed it, because I was discovering the music of her glory years.

I knew all the lyrics to all of them. Indeed, I married the first man I met who knew all the words to J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers Last Kiss.

A few years later, American Graffiti came out as well as Happy Days. It was easier than ever for me to get my hands on 50s music. K-Tel had several collections to sell me, but try though I might, I couldn’t get Angel Baby.

What wonderful times we live in and I’m thinking of Youtube when I say that.

I’m celebrating finding the speaker cable to the computer by strolling down memory lane in a place I never lived.