COVID Day 416: Somewhat Normal Life

I woke at 3:30 a.m. Excited? Not really. Perhaps a bit anxious.

I’m returning to the office today. Of my own free will. Working at home is not really working well for me. I have been completely discombobulated. So on this dreary and rainy morning, I shall adorn myself in clothes, jewelry and heels to go to my office and restore something of a normal work schedule.

Since I am street legal which is to say that I’ve had both vaccines plus the two week period to insure immunity, I should be okay. I am, though, a bit anxious and having second thoughts.

Working from here didn’t work for me, but oh how I loved the commute and dress code. The earlier workday with the commensurate earlier quitting time. The late afternoon naps. But the lack of boundaries has me deeply unsettled. I’ve said it before: my need for routine and normalcy surprises me, but it is very much a need.

I just wish it weren’t raining. I had plans to pack up the computer and printer, the office files and roledex: the accoutrements of working from home. But I’m not about to slog that stuff around in the rain. So that will have to wait until the forecast is less wet.

COVID-19: Day 18 Acceptance

It was a quiet day until I got the email telling me a short story of mine is to be published in print and online.  I’m very pleased.  And surprised.  I only submitted it because the journal offered editorial feedback.

I don’t have details yet, but when I do, I’ll share.

I’m starting to get a rhythm to this work-at-home stuff.  I still distract easily, but that could be stress.  I was told by a wise person that we’re all ADD under stress.

Be good to yourself!