COVID-19: Day 209: Well, Damn

So, I am positive for COVID-19. My mother, whom I am sure is the person who infected me, came back negative. We tested together. Same technician. Same time. We have the same symptoms although she came down with hers two days earlier. One of us got a false result.

We’ve been told to assume we’re both positive.

So. Fun with bodies.

Both of us have symptoms of an annoying cold: not particularly bad, but just enough to be inconvenient. We don’t have fevers, trouble breathing or chest pain. Nor have we lost our sense of smell or taste.

I have spent all day trying to get results and then trying to contact Primary Care Physicians — hers and mine. It’s a good thing I don’t feel bad. It’s been pretty annoying. When one is told they have the plague, one expects to get the attention of medical personnel.

I’m sitting here thinking of all the things I should do to prepare for the possibility that I might get really sick. You know, like pack a hospital bag. Make sure I’m stocked up on pet food. Etc. I’m a tad overwhelmed by it all.

I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a mild case and I will convalesce at home. Of course, yesterday I had a strong feeling that this was a tempest in a teapot.

Of greater concern is my mom — she is right smack in the middle of the high risk category for a bad case. I’ll be watching her closely.

I really didn’t need this right now. Nope.

COVID-19: Day 208: Well. Here we are.

We’re on Day 208. I had gone back to the office because working at home was just tooooooooooooooo strange. I had my work hours and my personal hours mixed up, days and nights, workdays and weekends. It was a mess. So now, for the past few days, I’ve been working at home again.

My birthday has come and gone and there’s not much to report.

Oh, wait.

I’m waiting to hear on my COVID-19 testing results.

I woke up not feeling well on Monday. By Tuesday I was worse and my mom had the same symptoms. I called the doc. The doc said to get tested and off we went.

It wasn’t that bad. I mean, I wouldn’t do it for entertainment, but I had been led to believe it was one step short of torture. But, then again, I understand they’re not going as deep into the nasal cavity as they had been.

I still feel like crap. And tomorrow is the earliest I can get results. More likely it will be Friday.

I’ve been fairly careful. Yes, I’ve been going to the office, but in most instances there are only 4 of is in 8000 sq. ft. of space. I’m at home or I’m at work and I’m masked a lot of the time. (Oh how I loathe the mask.)

I’m pretty sure I don’t have COVID. My symptoms are vague and I don’t have the biggies — difficulty breathing, fever and loss of taste/smell.

However, I recall that way back when, they, the infamous they, said it wasn’t a matter of if you got it, it was when you got it. Hmmmm.

So there.

In other news. I quit smoking. According to the app on my phone, it’s been 1 month 24 days and change since I had a cigarette. Yay me! (Wellbutrin is a hell of a drug!)

COVID-19: Day 100: Hoo Boy

This has now been going on for 100 days for me.  I have been socially isolated and/or masked for 100 days.  I’ve been out very little, but I have been out — to the grocery store or to my office for the most part.

I’m weary of the whole thing, but we’re still in the first wave!

Wear a mask, please!  This is never going to be over if you don’t.  People you love will die if you don’t.  This is serious shit!  It’s not rocket science.  It’s not a liberal conspiracy.

This could have been over already!  Instead, the numbers are going up.  Wear.  A.  Mask.


COVID-19: Day 93: Moody

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

I’m in a mood today.  I’m as gray and cloudy as is it outside right now.

It’s technically Day 93 of my social-distancing at home.  I was at the office for two full days last week.  Hoo boy!  The bustle and noise of downtown Huntington just did me in.  It’s quiet here on my hill — very quiet.  It seems I have adapted.  Just getting to Huntington set my nerves on edge — I have about a half-hour commute.  As far as commutes go, it’s not bad, but when you’ve been pretty much nowhere for 80-odd days, the traffic is surprising and unsettling.  So much so that here it is Sunday, my favorite day of the week, and I’m still unsettled.

I was in the office to do battle with the Never-Ending Tech Problems of June 2020.  Truly, my nerves are shot.  I’ve spent hours in tech support trying to sort out email problems.  The good news is we are moving the whole kit ‘n caboodle to cloud-based this week.  The downside of that is that I will need to spend most of this coming week in the office.

Tomorrow is Chef Boy ‘R Mine’s birthday.  That should cheer me up so that this mood does not persist much longer.  Truly, I can’t stand myself right now, so here’s to hoping I get over my first world problems and develop some gratitude for the life of privilege that I live.