2 thoughts on “Morning Commute Music

  1. What else would I be listening to this morning but the new New York Dolls CD? Really. I’m in lurve.

    And, I’m going right now to amend the Bella Award post so that you get your award and I get to rob your shrink of new fodder to be shrunken. I’m a bitch that way. It’ll be up and finished in just a few minutes.

    • Until I read his biography, I felt the same way about Clapton that you feel about what’s-his-name. Even now, the loins still tingle more than they should. Armani and guitar makes me swoon – throw in an English accent and I’m a gonner.

      As to the award, I like my shrink. I think the guy deserves a new topic just to break the tedium. Ya know?

      I’m delighted to receive a rule-breaking award (that sounds snarky and I don’t mean it that way). I’ve always been a renegade and, in this case, coming in 16 out of 15 is a thrill especially as the rules limited you to 15.

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