Life and Death in a Garden

The Masthead Has Died.

The Masthead Has Died.

We’ve had two days of no rain.  Be still my heart.

It’s been a time of life and death in the garden. Plants I love have died and others have thrived.

I was able to get into the garden on Sunday.  It was a bit too cool for me, but I did manage to machete the grass to a reasonable height.  I also planted the hostas and lily-of-the-valley given to me by a friend.  These have languished in plastic grocery bags for a guilt-provoking two weeks while I waited for the rain to stop on the days I had time to garden.

I lost most of the climbing roses.  They were newly planted last year.  Summer’s drought and winter’s roar did them in.   The azaleas, two-year-olds, also succumbed. 

I lost the beautiful white climber that has served as the masthead for this blog. It was an absolute beauty and I was looking forward to the spectacle it would be when it matured. Alas, ’tis not to be.

However, the mock orange, also planted last year, sailed through.  It’s a beautiful plant, though not quite as photogenic as the rose, and the fragrance needs to be experienced to be believed.  It appears to be hale and hearty; and is covered in buds.  I can’t wait for its scent to permeate my little fenced piece of garden.

Mock Orange

Mock Orange

Yesterday was just gorgeous.  Today is supposed to be even better.  I’d love to play hooky, but apparently I’m too much of a grown up.  The responsibilities of the office weigh heavily this week.  And so, I’m off to get ready for work  (dammit-all).

2 thoughts on “Life and Death in a Garden

  1. Your photos are gorgeous. You truly deserve the Bella award!

    Thank you for this post on life and death. I wish everyone could appreciate and learn from the spiritual energy of the garden. Processing and accepting loss, understanding beauty and the temporary yet regenerating energy of everything around us….it’s a gift. You are good to pass it on.

    Mmmm. Thank you so much. — Connie

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