And the Bella Award Goes To. . .

The Bella Award

The Bella Award

 Buzzardbilly gave me the Bella blog award the other day and I was so stunned I completely forget to pass the award on.

The rules say that I must choose 15 new blogs that I read that are deserving of the award. I’m new to the blogosphere and many of the ones I read have already been awarded the Bella.

So, taking a cue from Spike Nesmith, I’m going to award 8 and ask y’all to nominate the remainder.  In no particular order:

Life’s a Feast: Confessions of a Gourmande

I know Jamie from another cyber-world and was delighted to find she had a blog. She’s an ex-pat living in France.  For those of us who love to eat and/or love to cook, Jamie’s blog is a feast for the eyes. I can’t summon up the motivation to cook for one, so I don’t make any of her recipes. I go to the blog for the story-telling and the food photo erotica.

Clicks and Pops

I know Alex from the same cyber-world I know Jamie from. Alex’s musical blog is a wealth of information and trivia. As Alex says, “I grew up in a college town with too many great used record stores. This explains a lot…”


I know Jim  from real life and his was first the blog I read regularly. He’s a little too busy with Twitter and Facebook these days, but I love his passion for being a dad and a husband. The world definitely needs more dads like him.  When he’s not talking about his family, he’s likely to be doing some pretty fine political analysis.

Frames of Mind

Hogpath’s Frames of Mind is a place of poetry and story-telling. It’s hypnotic and addictive. There aren’t frequent posts, but my spirit feels cleaner after a visit.

 Life in the Country

I also know Snoskred from another cyber-world. She’s an Australian and engaged in blog hosting, scam baiting, and kayaking. Her posts run the gamut and they’re always enjoyable and/or useful.  For those of us new to blogging, her site is a wealth of information.

Hundred Mountain

I know Doug in real life and he and his wife are responsible for my being a spectacle at the Obama Pajama Party and the subsequent formation of Drama Queens for Obama. His site is a visual delight and be sure to take a look at the Italy section – there’s some fabulous storytelling, slideshows and video.

Vera’s Weblog 

Vera’s Weblog the site of another friend I met online. She’s a ex-pat German living four feet from the Canadian border in Minnesota. Her take on life, her lifestyle, and her photography are breathtaking.

Esse Diem

And, finally, there’s Esse Diem. Like me, she’s new to this, but her posts rock. I suspect we’re kindred spirits.


Aw, man, I forgot this guy so I’m editing this post.  He’s another Mudpuppy.  His site is a veritable cacophony of information and links.  Truly, one of my favorites.

So that’s 8 9 Tell me who the 7 6 are that I’m not reading (see blog roll) who are deserving of a Bella.

11 thoughts on “And the Bella Award Goes To. . .

  1. Heavens! I’m speechless! What an honor. Thank you so much.

    I will strive to make you proud. This is quite a bar to live up to. I’m trying to do something a little different, and had actually been wondering if it was well received. This is truly encouraging. Thank you, thank you.

    • I adore Margaret and Helen, but I was trying to give the award to people with a smaller readership than the enormously popular M & H.

      ‘Course y’all aren’t exactly knocking me over with suggestions. 🙂 –C

      • I hear you. I don’t read that many “blog” type blogs myself, so I felt kinda weird going up to places like F-U Penguin like a three year old with scabby knees and a uprooted petunia clutched in a grubby fist, all like, “I have flower for you?”

        That said, the owner of F-U wrote a very nice reply to me, didn’t mock or nothin’. 🙂

  2. Oh, Connie, what an honor! Thank you so much and I hope I do this award proud!

    And thanks for introducing me to these other blogs (the ones I don’t know yet!)

    Oh, you’re most welcome. I hope it was a nice surprise. –C

  3. > I wondered what AKM would do if I gave it to her.

    You could give it to I-Heart-Mudflats. That way, you’re giving it to *everybody*.

    “I’d like to give the world a Coke…”


    You should give it to I-Heart Mudflats! I’m one of the admins on that blog, so it would be like giving it to myself. Speaking of which, we need Mudpuppy submissions. Write something, eh? –C

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