Maiden, Mother, Crone

I told the artist I liked this one best, so mine will be similar.

I told the artist I liked this one best, so mine will be similar.

My best friend is an art historian and teaches at the local university.  As such, she gets first crack at the student art up for sale.  Her latest purchase has made a green-eyed monster out of me.  This envy-provoking art is a triptych of three female torsos carved out of wood.  They’re life sized and just incredible. 

I’ve been anti-stuff for awhile and, other than some plants, this is the first thing that has had me shouting, “Damn!  I want that!  Want it now! Gotta have it! Now!”

We were having dinner on the art historian’s deck last night with the artist.  I was telling Melissa what a terrible person her art was making of me.  One thing led to another and I found myself commissioning my own triptych.  I’m not sure what the time frame is, but, Lord knows, I need to get cracking on figuring out how to pay for it.

Last night, I was quite sure that I would hang them in the master bedroom opposite my bed.  I have 20 feet of blank wall that would set them off well.  The problem is they would be up over the loft opening and the closets.  I won’t be able to touch them.  Sculpture must be touched to be appreciated – besides, I don’t get much occasion to fondle goodly-sized breasts.  So I’ve been wandering about the house looking for the best spot to showcase my beauties-to-be.  Right now, the stairwell is looking like the best choice.  That will probably change – any changes to decor require much fretting and analysis of aesthetic concerns.

I mentioned earlier that I give myself a birthday present each year.  I allot myself $100 and these are more than that (but still insanely inexpensive).  I’m turning 50 this year and a maiden, mother, crone triptych seems appropriate. (Especially given the roar of menopause.)

I’m very excited.

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