Late Summer Lunches

Late summer lunch.

Late summer lunch.

Part of the reason summer suppers are so late is because summer lunches are.

On weekends, I usually graze during the day, but I developed a strong craving for a Panera Bread salad which would not be denied. I was in the midst of cleaning house – my personal grooming, clothing choice, and general appearance was unacceptable.

I decided to do take-out.

Arriving home with not just lunch, but tomorrow’s breakfast (sour dough and strawberry granola yogurt), the patio beckoned.

Mexican Glass.  African tea.

Mexican Glass. African tea.

While I do now and again, I hate eating out of and with plastic.  We are, allegedly, civilized people.  Plastic is depressing.  Any meal is greatly improved by resting on a nice plate and eaten with real cutlery. 

I transferred the salad to a favorite Spanish glass plate, buttered the bread, and poured my newest iced tea experiment.

[ Note:  I did forego the linen napkin as the laundry is already piled up to the ceiling and I’m economizing.]

Using a green tea/roibos blend, I made sun tea earlier today and I’ll be doing so again. The color is gorgeous, the taste is crisp and clean, and it looked beautiful in an old Mexican glass goblet. If that’s not enough, it’s jammed pack with antioxidants and all sorts of cancer prevention substances. Next time, I’ll add orange slices.

Color, Texture, Sweet, Tangy
Color, Texture, Sweet, Tangy

The salad was amazing.  Romaine, field greens, shredded chicken breast, pecans, strawberries, dried apples, red onion, and tomatoes with a strong Italian dressing, fresh ground pepper and a bit of sea salt all made for a vivid, tasty meal.  The tea complemented it perfectly.  I donned sunglasses and lazily read until I realized the words weren’t registering.

I put the book down and gazed into space – lost in the beauty and breeze of the day. This lunch tasted like what early summer feels like – warm and cool, sweet and tangy, bright and vivid.

I’m full. Dinner is likely to be very late tonight.

4 thoughts on “Late Summer Lunches

  1. We had our annual Famous Fireworks party last night, that meant luscious leftovers today. My pal Dave left me some of his Mic lager and after a tipping a bottle (nice to ‘have’ to use an opener) I assembled a leisurely lunch with leftover tuna macaroni salad and Greek salad. The Greek salad was field greens, black olives, cukes, beets and feta cheese with a pretty acceptable bottled Greek dressing. The party was a success but since I was helping hostess, it was even better today when I was able to just relax and enjoy. I’d have taken a photo to share but my new BB didn’t have enough battery power so I put it on the charger and practiced patience. I’m finally feeling like all’s right with the world.

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