My Cosie Award

July 2009 Best Blogs Cosie Award <br>did you see the word best?  Huh?)

July 2009 Best Blogs Cosie Award
Did you see the word best? Huh?

It’s just been a wonderful day from beginning to end. In reverse order, I got a lot done at the office today without ever breaking a sweat; I had a wonderful (for a chain restaurant) piece of mahi mahi accompanied by a delightful salad tossed with watermelon and blueberries; the coffee was made before the water was shut off for construction; and (ta da!) I won a blogging award.

I was just on my way out the door for work when I got the comment from Cosanostradamus at Blog Me No Blogs that I’d won a Cosie. Talk about whistling while you work! Positive recognition is a right fine way to start the day.

I’m tickled with my July 2009 Cosie Award.   The Cosie is awarded to bloggers and each round is a different niche. The category (Alex, I’ll have women bloggers for $500) was the rather bland women, but Cosanostradamus further defined the category as Liberated Ladies, Drama Queens & Hard-Workin’ Women Writers.

Well, hot damn and cold iced tea, I’m all three.

I’m further delighted by the name of the organization bestowing the award: The American La Cosa Nostradamus Foundation For The Advancement Of Blog People And Their Blogs or TALCNFFTAOBPATB (seeming pronounced exactly as you would think). Now those of you who know me know I love a good acronym. Isn’t that a wonderful one? Doesn’t it look like something Bill the Cat would say while twirling his tail?

My fellow (girlow?) awardees are an accomplished bunch. I’m most familiar with AKMuckraker (who is a Feisty Grrrrl of the First Order) and as soon as I saw my blog name mentioned with hers, I twirled and preened and was, generally, so full of myself that even I got disgusted. Fortunately, my attack of excessive self-love wore off before I arrived at the office. (There’s nothing like standing in line at the post office to take a person down a peg or two.)

Nonetheless, it kept some zing in my walk and my words today. (Yesterday’s Powerful Communication for Women Seminar Trainer would be puffed up with pride at her teaching skills because my body language and oral communication skills were exemplary.)

So, besides thank you to the incomparable Cosanostradamus (whose blog is a bastion of searing political and social commentary, among other things), I’d like to say to y’all – go out and tell somebody that they’re doing a good job doing what they’re doing. Maybe if we’re all whistling while we work, we can effect world peace. Or buy the world a Coke. Or something like that.

6 thoughts on “My Cosie Award

  1. gallows, no? Or would that be just one L? Gallows humor, I like it. But then, I would, since I was the one who just made it up. Congrats on the Cosie!

  2. .
    Congrats again, Your Ladyship. The Foundation was simply recognizing what West Virginia has wrought. Why, if you had as famously stupid a governor as Alaska does -did- and she managed to get within a heartbeat (and 10,000,000 votes) of the Presidency, you’d be even more famous than you already are. Well, we’re working on that.

    There’s already some talk of drafting you in the final rounds of the 2016 Democratic Convention, if Angelina Jolie has not clinched the nomination by that point. You might have to occupy Byrd’s seat until then. But please wait until he is interred. And work on your twang.

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