As perfect as it’s gonna get?

Be still my heart.

OK. It’s way too soon to tell. I shouldn’t even be posting this. But. . .

I’ve been dithering for months now about what color to paint the family room and, also, dithering about whether to paint the family room or the study first.

I went on a full-on tear this past weekend and decided I couldn’t live another second without painting the family room. I didn’t count on two FULL days of moving, cleaning, spackling, and priming. [The family room and kitchen are major disaster areas and the puppies have had enough.]

At the last minute, I switched my decision from Stargazer to Wellspring (blue). Literally. I had the car keys in hand and went to grab the paint chip and changed my mind. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve heard all my tales of woe regarding color and paint. If not, click on the decorating tag and peruse the posts.

Lowe’s cheerfully mixed me up two cans in a nice satin finish – since the color is so dark, I wanted something with a sheen to catch the light.

I have never gotten one-coat-coverage paint to actually cover in one coat, but I’m cautiously optimistic that perhaps this time I have. I painted very slowly and carefully, touching up as I went, and in a room without enough lamps, it’s looking good for one coat. If so, I have a whole unopened can. If not, I know I have enough for a second coat.  [If I succeeded, guess what color the laundry room is going to be?]

My hopes have been raised and dashed all night (It’s midnight and I just finished). Now that this one corner should, presumably, be dry, I’m thinking the one coat thing might have worked, but more importantly, the color may be as perfect as I can get given the damn blue leather sofa that has this weird green cast to it.

Be still my heart.

Morning light will tell.

Perfect or not, this is it. This room is too big and too hard to paint. One way or another, it will be the perfect color. I can be very good at delusional behavior.

I’m going to bed happy.

[I may scream come morning.]

[I’m going to need a lot more white in this room than I’d thought.  No prob, Bob.  Minor adjustments.]

[Please, oh, please, oh please, let morning bring cackles of delight and not despair driven hysterical ones.]

12 thoughts on “As perfect as it’s gonna get?

  1. Aw, thanks. I can’t tell what the overall effect is going to be – I didn’t move stuff completely out of the room (too much work). There’s furniture, a ladder, a step stool, various painting debris and all manner of crap in there. It is going to need a second coat. I’m disappointed.

    I never liked blue much until relatively late in life. The aginig process is fascinating at times.

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