Second Annual Amaryllis Watch

And we're off!

Last year’s Amaryllis Watch was so exciting that this year I vowed to record its growth daily. 

Well.  That was unrealistic.  But I have managed to take a photo every other day (or so). 

The photo above was taken today when the Little Darlin’ was about 5 days old (measuring age from the very first hint of green).  If last year is any indication, it will be 18-24 inches tall by this time next week.  Or maybe not.  The bulb was sorely mistreated this year.  Someone should call Plant Protective Services (PPS) on me.  Or maybe not.  The flower stalk growth is beginning a full two months earlier than last year. 

[I believe the first sign of growth occurred on Candlemas which seems appropriate.]

5 thoughts on “Second Annual Amaryllis Watch

    • Me too. And not only is it the worst of winter, we’re having an uncharacteristically harsh winter. I’m usually sick of it all by this time of year, but this year tripled that and add 10. I’ve had it. So the amaryllis makes me happy as do the shamrocks — need to get a photo of them – they’re such cheerful little suckers.

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