2 thoughts on “Remember These?

  1. The artistry is amazing considering the way cartooons had to be made back in the day. Don’t you think the merbabies’s eyes resemble Betty Boop’s (I know different cartoonist for Betty, but the resemblance is there…maybe both were made to look like kewpie doll eyes). I love their little merbaby buttcracks showing.

    • I knew a guy who worked as a cartoonist for Disney in the late ’70s. He would talk about drawing the same thing over and over with a sequence of slight variations to create a winking eye or tapping foot. It really is amazing. (He also groused about the glass-walled studio he worked in – the better for the lines of tourists to watch he and his co-workers make magic.)

      I also remember seeing the waltz scene in Beauty & The Beast and being thunderstruck. It was my first experience with computer animation and that scene of dancing in front of the wall of books was Something to See.

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