Well, Ain’t This Just a Fine Mess

Bear with me, folks. 

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I am not happy with my blog layout and design.  It seems like everybody I know is re-doing their blog which got me to looking critically at mine.  One thing led to another and I started fooling around with some new templates.  Did some housecleaning.  Zapped some widgets.  Flirted with a footer.  I can’t predict what the blog will look like when you read this and it may look different if you decide to re-read it.

With any luck, I’ll be done with this peer-pressure foolishness and leave well enough alone.  I’ve identified what I want in a template and, for the moment, a wordpress hosted blog doesn’t offer one that makes me happy.

Just call me a malcontent.

The photo is of the Queen Anne’s Lace outside the fence.  QAL has always been one of my favorite wildflowers and this is proving to be one really good year for the wild carrot.  They’re tall, they’re beautiful, and they’re sturdy. 

Between fooling with templates and custom backgrounds, I looked up the legend of the plant’s common name.  Boy, was I wrong.  I had the wrong Anne and thus the wrong King which made my surmising the reason for the “drop of blood” in the center all wrong.  All wrong.  As wrong as the templates I keep test driving.

6 thoughts on “Well, Ain’t This Just a Fine Mess

  1. Hey, I have always liked your blog layout. I like a clean, minimalist design.

    I was farting around with mine, as you know. Blogger has made it easier with the design templates, but I see other blogger blogs that are wonderful, and I don’t know how the owners came up with them.

    I have thought about migrating to WordPress, since it’s more “grown up”, but I’m sure I’d just frustrate myself.

    • Janis, love, the wordpress-hosted blogs are about as easy as it gets. I’ve never used Blogger. When I got on a wild tear to blog, I did some research and what I kept coming across was this platform was the easiest to learn and the most versatile. I had my first post up within a couple hours of signing up and most of that time was spent trying to crop a photo with the stupid photo software I was using at the time.

  2. geez, I leave for a few minutes and return to find you tore down the old homestead and put up some minimalist structure that doesn’t even quite fit together right. I feel like such a reactionary…

  3. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT is what I like best and not layout unless it makes the content unreadable. I prefer minimalist designs with legible text…i.e. NO white on black. Your blog meets my personal criteria just fine. Hope the changes do not become too radical.

  4. Well, I’ve fiddled around with templates and there aren’t any that I like as much as this one. I know what I want, but to get it I’m going to have to go with my own domain and the big boy version of wordpress. I just don’t have the energy for it, particularly as this wordpress version is just about idiot proof and I don’t have to think to blog – which is probably readily apparent in some of my blatherings.

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