Snow Day at Grandma’s

As I mentioned, my mom is now operating a doggie daycare for the Beautiful Babette.  Between one thing and another, I went to work yesterday, but Babette stayed in my house.  MY HOUSE.  Not Grandma’s.  NOT GRANDMA’S. 

Today, she wasn’t having any of that nonsense. 

I opened the door and off she went – headfirst into snow deeper than she is tall.  She soon figured out how to scamper across the surface of the snow (more or less) about the time I figured out how to shoot video on the phone.  In trying to get the video from the phone to Youtube, we lost the last few seconds, the quality grossly degraded, etc. etc. etc.  But I’m tickled. My first video.  Cecilia B. DeMille is born.

Babette was most certainly ready for her close-up, but only because I was taking far too long to get Grandma’s door open.

[So there was all sorts of foolishness with the video being sideways, a format I couldn’t work with, etc. etc.  I’ve got another learning curve to tackle.]

5 thoughts on “Snow Day at Grandma’s

  1. I babysat the Beautiful Bubbles this week (Sat to Wed) while the grand girl and her folks went to Disney. You talk about excited dark fluffy balls of fur (well not so fluffy since D has to keep her shaved pretty short-she has permanent bad hair day unlike most ShihTzus). Man, when I got them back from the airport and D opened the door to get her, she flew out to the car running in circles so fast she was literally leaving brushed spirals instead of footprints in the snow. She was one happy little dog.

    • Babette has permanent bad skin days. I keep her cut short so that she doesn’t act like a mop in an Italian diner – I’ve taken to soaking her olive oil which helps with whatever it is that’s going on with her skin. Merely helps, bless her heart.

    • Actually, the snow was nearly up to her neck. I fumbled around too much with the camera at the beginning, but if I’d caught the very beginning you would have seen her figure out how to splay her legs so that she could run across the top of the snow without sinking in too far. She tried that method after finding the tire tracks too slippery to get any traction at all. Lord, it was funny.

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