Aw man, people, please?!

I intended this blog to be an online journal and nobody was more surprised than me when people started commenting. And now y’all have stopped. I’m wounded!

Talk to me, please! I know y’all are stilling showing up. And I’m sure I haven’t rendered you speechless.


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21 responses to “Aw man, people, please?!

  1. I think I just found I blog rolled you and now I’m going to be here all the time..stalking you leaving weird and funny comments..

  2. Fatdawgsmaw

    Well, if you’d quit blathering about twinkling lights, which I hate ….

  3. mamakat

    i’m here!! i’m paying attention!!

  4. Connie

    Well, I am thoroughly enjoying my new friend’s adventures!!

  5. Angie

    Life (and impending death) have rendered me speechless, but I still love ya and enjoy reading your blathering. (Although all the Christmas joy was more than I could handle this year.)

  6. What? I comment! Come on Furry, isn’t that enough?!

    You never comment on my blog and I’m not “wounded.”

  7. Oh…it’s not you…it’s me!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist that line.

    Truly, it’s just the hectic Holiday season. Lately, all my blog reading is like a drive-by shooting!

  8. Janis Bland

    Oh, hey. I have neglected blogging – writing or reading – for a good four months. But I’m here, and I love your tree! And you. 🙂

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