And that’s just what they did.

I wore my spiffy semi-new-ish boots to work tonight.  I didn’t plant them in anyone’s crotch though I wanted to.  I did, however, walk.

Tom Robbins, love his heart, said;

You’ve heard of people calling in sick. You may have called in sick a few times yourself. But have you ever thought about calling in well?

It’d go like this: You’d get the boss on the line and say, “Listen, I’ve been sick ever since I started working here, but today I’m well and I won’t be in anymore.” Call in well.

(Yee Haw! Bet you never expected Tom Robbins and Nancy Sinatra in the same post.)

9 thoughts on “And that’s just what they did.

  1. by the way I was having dinner at the playboy club in San Francisco in 1968 and the waitress came up to me and said Miss Sinatra would you sign an autograph for me?…I bit my lip to keep from laughing and signed Nancy Sinatra….

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