3 thoughts on “As good a reason as any.

  1. Hey Furry, Since Aug. I’ve been a basket case from being so f’ing busy. At times I’ve been ready to throw in the towel and quit. I have NEVER been overwhelmed in life but I am now. I’m just hoping I can hang on until the first of the year when I get a 2 wk. break. I thought this time of life was supposed to be relaxing?

    • I know that feeling. I’m seriously considering checking into a mental health facility. Sitting around (speaking of drugs) oozing on anti-anxiety meds and weaving some baskets sounds right pleasant about now. For stress relief, I tore up the master bath floor. It’s a hell of a mess. Since home improvement projects have a domino effect, I’m not sure how much stress relief is going on here.

      Too much life these days.

      So what you so busy doing?

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