Day 1: Ona to San Diego

Today was the day of hurry up and wait. My flight out of Yeager Airport wasn’t until 5:15. From there I spent approximately 3 hours getting to Dallas and then another 3 hours getting to San Diego with 2 hours of sitting around time at the first two airports.

Both flights just dragged, I think because I’m keyed up and excited. On the last flight, in particular, whole geologic eras would pass only for my watch to indicate 5 minutes.

But I’m here now. My plane finally landed at midnight my time, 9:00 California time. San Diego is bigger than I realized. I’m in a cute bed & breakfast. I’ve unleashed the foot from the ace bandage and am sprawled on the bed. I’m exhausted, but too wired to sleep.

Tomorrow we’re going to the farmer’s market, Old Town, and capping the day off with Ethiopian food.

The cast of characters have assembled – good times ahead.



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