It’s mine and I love it and I’m never moving and you can’t make me.

barnI’m busy procrastinating so I’m watching home remodeling shows.

Whenever I watch these tv shows, I see my house as others might see it.  I see all the problems and the dirt and the projects.  I see the mistakes.  I see my bad taste.  I see all of its flaws.  It’s like plucking my eyebrows with a 10x magnifying mirror.

But I love my house.  I can’t imagine selling it.  (Never mind actually finding someone to buy it.)

It used to be a barn.  Well, not even a barn.  It used to be an outbuilding used to store animal skins and drying herbs hence the name of West Virginia Fur & Root.  The Ex and I began turning it into a home.  We gave up after a decade and hired a pro, but ran out of money.

It’s a mess, but it’s my mess.  There isn’t one like it anywhere on the planet.  It’s quirky.  The layout is downright strange.  It’s mine.  I love it.

I watch these shows where people destroy the charms and quirks of their home to install the latest trend in home design.  Almost invariably, by the time the renovation is done it looks like every other project I’ve seen on these shows.

I think one’s home should be a reflection of the people who live in it.  I think every home should be infused and steeped in the character and quirks of its inhabitants.  I don’t like cookie cutter design and that’s what all these shows seem to showcase.

Since I have always planned this house as if I would die in it, I’ve never been concerned about its resale value or if someone else likes it.  Oh sure, we all want to hear nice things about our home, but I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that folks either “get” the barn or they don’t.

Of course, there are things I’d change if I could. There are projects I hope to get to when time and money appear in droves.  All in all, though, I’m quite happy with where I live which is a good thing, because I’m going to live here happily ever after.

6 thoughts on “It’s mine and I love it and I’m never moving and you can’t make me.

  1. I always wonder why some people just change something for the sake of a change. Various reasons I guess but I have to question their logic sometimes. I watch the renovation shows and the house flippers as well. My bathroom was 80’s blah and the double vanity suffered water damage and the vinyl flooring had lost its luster. Toilet and shower tub are still functional and no need to go through all that. Ask me if I would do it again? Not in this lifetime… You have a lovely home and I love the way you have it designed.

  2. the city of West is having a similar problem..the middle school(used to be the high school) is 2 years short of being 100 years old..It got whacked in the explosion..they were going to reno it and use it for administration building..but for some reason fema didn’t want to fund it’s either $4 million to rebuild it..or tear it down. so the town is split two ways..either they don’t care that the building is going to be tore down or they are ready to give blood to save it..I am for keeping it but someone’s comment about someone who was against it and no one gave it any credence as they aren’t ‘a real West citizen..what the fuck? I had known this for the past 30 Plus years ..if you aren’t from here..your not ..from here..but to see it in print freaked me now I hope they turn the fucking building down..ha

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