May 11 — Arrive at Hale Koa, Oahu

May 11 2017 Hawaii Room FlowersWell, the flights went well.  One was even in early, so we all our connecting flights in spite of not much time to get from gate to gate.  But it felt like we were on planes for days.  I was too excited for 15 hours and 44 minutes of airflight.  I wanted to be here.

And here I am.

Hale Koa is spectacular.  This is some resort complex.  It’s open air, lushly landscaped, and beautifully furnished.  The military did itself proud with this place.  Hale Koa means house of the warrior and like much of the military experience, it’s big, impressive and commanding.  I am well pleased.

May 11 2017 Hawaii Florist CardI did order flowers for my mother to be in the room when we arrived.  They’re pretty spectacular too.  All in all, spectacular is the word of the day!

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