My West Virginia Home – A Digital Story

At the behest of my writing group partner, Beverly Bisbee, I took her daughter’s, Kathy Bisbee’s, class on digital storytelling.  It may have changed my life.  I get to combine my love of photographs and images with my love of storytelling.

This video is my first foray in this medium.  It still needs work and probably always will, but I want to share it.  This represents hours of work.  Hopefully, I’ll get better and faster.  Please enjoy!

14 thoughts on “My West Virginia Home – A Digital Story

  1. I love what you’ve done here with your digital storytelling format! I took a class in digital storytelling a while back and have always wanted to apply it. I’ve just never had the opportunity nor the courage. Your story is wonderful, and you have inspired me. Thank you for sharing so generously!

  2. Good Morning.. I happened upon your video story while trying to find an examples of video storytelling. I wasn’t sure how to make it work well for my own use..but your example showed me how. It’s my good fortune to find this post (my first try) because it fits for me. Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation … intentional or not. I don’t know if this makes sense or not but just mentioning that I enjoyed never really tells an author much… I feel it’s more helpful to express the how or why it was enjoyable. So here goes.. Watching and listing to your post I was transported into your barn.. I could look about and see the books and painting from the long couch.. The candles cast a warm and comforting glow. I felt a hint of sadness about the neighbor situation down the hill… thinking that time heals all wounds… I wanted to mend it and enable you feel at peace. I could go on about my stay but I think you get my message… Thanks for the wine.. and the company..

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