COVID-19: Day 211: This is not so bad…so far

COVID Update: I started feeling bad on Monday. Was tested Tuesday and got a positive result on Thursday. Today is Saturday. I am somewhat better and thus far this has not even been as bad as a cold. Very odd. If I were prone to conspiracy theories, I might buy into it, but I’ve read too many stories of people really suffering. I am thankful to not be one of those people. And I appreciate your thoughts, spells, candles, prayers, juju and magic. It’s working!

3 thoughts on “COVID-19: Day 211: This is not so bad…so far

  1. I am glad to hear it’s going okay for you, Connie. Weirdest thing, who gets it lightly and who doesn’t.

    um, the Amazon Utz Chips 60-pack box is a pretty good deal. Not that I would have bought them, you know.

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