Is it a mistake if you have no regrets?

            There’s a Facebook meme going around to the effect of What’s the Dumbest Thing You Ever Did?  And the person answers, “Awfully bold of you to think I’ve peaked.”

Photo by Jeremy Morris on Unsplash

            That would be me. My life is a handstitched colorful quilt of dumb things.  From the men I allowed myself to be engaged to, to the cars I bought, to the multitude of shoes I own.

            I am not a minimalist in the least.  And is my favorite word.  It extends to experiences, things, people, you name it. My house is a depository of keepsakes and memory aids. 

            I remember most of my mistakes fondly.  Sheryl Crow wrote a song with the line “You are my favorite mistake.”

            Some people think the raiding of my retirement account for two blowout vacations was a mistake.  Perhaps.  Ask me when I’m 70 and living on social security. 

            But right now, I don’t think so.  I’m dreadfully strapped for cash these days and inflation and gas prices are not helping, but I have no buyer’s remorse.  I run through possible solutions to solve the cash crisis, but nothing realistic surfaces.  I just need to suck it up and pay off some debt.  But there’s a great big world out there full of things I’ve never seen and never done. It’s a siren song.

            I don’t want to be that person that waits and waits until the time is financially right to travel.  I want to do it now while I still have my faculties and physical ability to negotiate airports and foreign countries.

            I’m planning on retiring at 70.  Maybe 72.  I want to do one more blowout vacation to celebrate the event.  I have between 7 and 9 years to get the money together 

            On this vacation, I want to stay in one of those thatched huts over the water with a private pool, butler service, and a tranquil lagoon.  The Maldives, Fiji, and French Polynesia have such offerings.  I want to stay for two weeks, perhaps alone.  I want umbrella drinks and lazy days in the sun, fine dining at night, and maybe the occasional artist market.

            I want a concierge that says, “Of course, madam.”  I want all of my hedonistic characteristics catered to before I begin my life of financial austerity and canned beans.

            I’ve priced this trip.  Oh, my stars.  It could be the dumbest thing ever.  The accommodation cost alone takes my breath and then there is the fact that I want to fly first class.  It will take me 3 days of airports and flights to get to any of those places. I don’t fit in the typical airline seat – I am just too tall.  I’ve flown first class one time in my life – my son paid for the ticket.  To the manor born, I was. I fit into that seat like it was custom-made for me.  Yes, indeedy.

            I’ve often said I was genetically predisposed to be one of the idle rich, but something went very wrong.  It’s still true.  And all my dumbest mistakes center on catering to my hedonism.  I simply don’t regret them though.

            Is it a mistake if you have no regrets?

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