Warmth and sun, oh how I need it.  I have slid the cover of the moonroof back on my car.  My commute this morning should be glorious.  The window itself is closed but light will flood the car. 

Oh, how my pineal gland needs the stimulation. Homemade vitamin D coursing through my body.  I will almost be able to hear the birdsong off in the woods as I rumble down the interstate. I will take the exit through the park today to check out the gardens and trees of the rich folk.  I expect daffodils and redbud and pear.  Perhaps the dogwood will be starting. 

My irises have begun coming up. The ancient ones.  The ancestors of my great-grandmother’s.  I like to think she got hers from a family member.  I like to think about how long our lineage has been sharing iris rhizomes with one another.  Where they might have originally come from – Missouri, Tennessee, Michigan?  Those are only the places I know about.   

The day will start chill.  It will be a conundrum to figure out what to wear today.  Weather says It’s 60F now for an expected high of 75F though in town it will likely be warmer.   

Still, on the concrete, in the shadows of the buildings, there will be a chill.   

I always think it looks ridiculous to wear summer attire this early in the year even if the temps warrant it.  Oh, how my toes long for the freedom of air.  My arms and legs for the brilliant crystalline light of an Appalachian spring day. 

But I’m assuming much.  It may be warm, but I have no guarantee of sun.  For all I know, it will be cloudy and drizzly. In fact, yes, the weather says cloudy all day with thunderstorms tonight.   Sigh.  But they are so often wrong.  Let today be a wrong day.  They can keep some of the warmth if they will just give me the sun.   

I need that bright light. 

I am weary of this gray winter we’ve had.  The Eagles said it best, “the sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine.”  It’s been dreary rain for the most part.  Abnormally warm for winter, but dark and gloomy. 

I need to be in the yard.  I need to re-read The Secret Garden until it’s time.  Folklore says the appearance of dandelions signals when it’s warm enough to be barefoot outside.  Nowadays they call it earthing.  I grew up sans shoes…earthing is my natural state.   

I like being outside, toes curled in the grass, the soil, the sand, and even the mud.  Feeling the Mother through my feet.  My yoga instructor says there is a bundle of nerves terminating in the feet that begin at the pineal gland.  A conduit from mind to earth, so to speak. 

I need to bare my feet and let those nerves absorb the earth’s vibrations. 

Shall I wear sandals today?  Hmmm.  Probably not.  It will be cold in the shadows.  It will be gloomy and rainy.   

But soon, dear ones, soon. 

Update: It is not gloomy and rainy. Warm with partial sun. AND the dandelions are out. It’s time to barefooted outside. Yee-haw. My hillbilly diva self is quite happy.

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