The April Fool

Today, I will be The April Fool and declare a new beginning.  The winter of my discontent is over.  Has to be over.  I am weary of trudging and want to skip. Tired of standing, want to dance.  Sick of worry, want to be fearless.

Today is that day. 

The Fool from the Robin Wood Tarot

I will let the high winds of today clean out the debris and clear my head of the toxic build-up of the past years.  The rains will clear the dust.  Spring cleaning of a sort – more like a pressure wash with the torrents of late.

I will let my little dog frolic as I skip along and ignore her yelps when she warns me of the cliff.  I need to fall off this cliff I’ve been perched on like some hermit sitting on a mountain.  I am the seeker; I am not the teacher.  The sage.  The prophet.

The waterlogged hillside may collapse spilling me onto a road I’ve never been on.  The change might do me good.  Another meaning for winning by a landslide.

I may have to skip through some mud.  My inner child will be delighted to splash in the puddles.  I’ll get dirty.  A hot bath will be a solace.  I will be weary and sleep the sleep of the innocent.  I will.

The future is bright, my outlook is rosy, and I’m determined to make it so.  As it is written, so let it be done.

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