“My apologies Mrs. Smythe, could you repeat your request?”

“Yes.  I would like a photograph of my bicep.  Will you do that?

“Your bicep?”


“I won’t photograph you disrobed.”

“Of course not. I shall wear an evening gown.”

“Your husband will of course be present?”

“No.  He will not.  This photo will be his birthday gift.”

“Ma’am, I cannot do such a photo without your husband’s permission.”

“Of course, you can.  My mother will be there as my chaperone.  This is all innocent and above board.”

The photographer stopped tinkering with his equipment on the counter at his small studio.  He needed time to think. 

“May I gave you my decision on the morrow?”

“Very well.”  Mrs Anderson Smythe, Julietta, left her calling card on the counter, spun on her heel, and left the shop.”

Mid-morning, his reply arrived.  He would do it, but only with her Mother as chaperone.

Julieta was annoyed but satisfied.  Howard would love this gift.  It had been he that encouraged her to try his exercise regime endorsed by his Strongman Group at the club.  Patiently, he showed her the exercises and bought her a set of hand weights. Later, barbells.

They turned the room intended to be a nursery into their gymnasium.  Julietta was surprised to find out how much she looked forward to her daily session.  And she loved her newfound strength.  Howard cautioned her to not overdo it as her lovely body could become muscle-bound. 

Juliaetta did not care.  The more the shape of her muscles emerged, the happier she was. 

An appointment was set at the photography studio.  Julietta was glad that the day was cold.  Her coat covered her evening dress.  She did not want to explain her ball gown at midmorning.

She opened the studio door and greeted Mr. Hamill. 

“Are you ready?”

“Yes,” and with that she took off her coat to hang on the peg on the wall.  She heard Mr. Hamill gasp when he caught his first glimpse of her back. 

“Turn around, please.”


“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“No one will see these photographs save my husband. Please let us get started.”

He took her and Mother behind the curtain where there was a scene set up.  Julietta arranged her gown, flexed her bicep, and gave Mr. Hamill her profile. 


“it will be a lovely photograph, I believe,” said Julietta.  “Please.  Do.  Let us get on with this.”

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