Happy Military Brats Day!

I’m working on the final proofreading of the Museum of the American Military Family’s book, E Pluribus Unum: GRAICE Under Pressure (Gender, Religion, rAce, Identity, Culture, and Ethnicity in the Military/Family.) As one of two Writers-in-Residence for the museum, I have been heavily involved with this book since January of 2021. You can learn more about the museum here.

I just got my grubby hands on the proof. Oh my. I am so proud to be a part of this project. The book is chock full of essays (11 of them are mine), photos, and quotes from survey responses that gave the book structure. The survey respondents ranged from age 9 to 92. There is even a statistical analysis and report from two anthropologists. We did it proud!

The first essay I wrote was on Identity. I also made it into a digital story which you can watch now.

The walk down Memory Lane that I took while writing my essays was by far the best time I had while experiencing the Long COVID symptom of extreme fatigue. I tired very easily and slept a lot. I had dream after dream of my deceased father, my childhood, and my experiences of the GRAICES.

That walk and a promise I made to myself finally spurred me on to begin writing a memoir based on my experiences as a brat during the Vietnam War. The memoir is a labor of love and tears. I’m referring to it as a collage–it will hold traditional memoir fare, but also short stories and poetry I have written, excerpts from my father’s letters home during his four tours as well as parts from his memoir, Expendables: Vietnam Memoir. There may even be a recipe or two.

My identity is all kinds of wrapped around my experience as a military brat. In one of my essays, I ponder how it was that the first 14 years of my life so marked me that all these years later (I’m 62), I still think of myself as a military brat.

E Pluribus Unum: GRAICE Under Pressure will be printed soon and available for purchase.

I have eight more months left in my term as Writer-in-Residence and we are already underway with the next project. I hope it proves to be as much fun as this one. I would happily serve another two-year term, but I don’t think it works like that.

Beyond Words Literary Magazine – May 2022 issue on dating

My flash nonfiction (born of a writing prompt) was included in a special edition of Beyond Words. All the entries focus on the experience of dating. I could be the oldest person in the collection.


Beyond Words – Literary Magazine tagged a product from their shop. ·

He arrived. I was still in my bedroom not wanting to look too eager. All the dating advice said to make him wait. I made him wait 5 minutes. It was all I could bear. He and my mom were talking when I entered the living room. I was wearing Levi’s, a peasant top and desert boots

“So, where are you going?” my mom asked.

“If Connie wants to, I thought we would go to the movies and see American Graffiti.”

“Oh, what fun! That movie is about my time in high school. I so want to see it.”

“Mrs. Kinsey, would you like to go with us?”


Connie Kinsey’s piece “Phill” is included in our special-edition May issue available for purchase here: https://www.beyondwordsmag.com!