Beyond Words Literary Magazine – May 2022 issue on dating

My flash nonfiction (born of a writing prompt) was included in a special edition of Beyond Words. All the entries focus on the experience of dating. I could be the oldest person in the collection.


Beyond Words – Literary Magazine tagged a product from their shop. ·

He arrived. I was still in my bedroom not wanting to look too eager. All the dating advice said to make him wait. I made him wait 5 minutes. It was all I could bear. He and my mom were talking when I entered the living room. I was wearing Levi’s, a peasant top and desert boots

“So, where are you going?” my mom asked.

“If Connie wants to, I thought we would go to the movies and see American Graffiti.”

“Oh, what fun! That movie is about my time in high school. I so want to see it.”

“Mrs. Kinsey, would you like to go with us?”


Connie Kinsey’s piece “Phill” is included in our special-edition May issue available for purchase here:!

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