How can I be this old?

chef jeremyToday is my baby boy’s 30th birthday.

I don’t know how it is possible that I am old enough to have a 30-year-old child.  Life is one, big goofy trip.

I had a rough pregnancy and he was 9 weeks premature.  After he was born, I only got to hold him for a minute before they whisked him off to a NICU isolette.  In that minute, I fell irretrievably in love with him.

Suffice it to say that Chef Boy ‘R Mine is the love of my life.

He has turned into a marvelous man and an exceptional chef – I honestly don’t know how it was that we were surprised by his decision to become a chef.  The evidence was there all those years ago.

Happy Birthday, Punkin’, I love you.

Maggie’s End Days


Maggie is in her end days.  I’m quite sure of it.  She doesn’t seem distressed, just confused.  She’s been an interesting cat – until lately, she’s never been very demonstrative.  These past few weeks she has demanded attention and has been given it.  These past two days, she has kept to herself….away from the food and water.

Yes, she’s in her end days.  I will let her go and, if she develops pain, I will assist.  She hates being in the car so I hope it doesn’t come to that.

She’s been an interesting cat. I’m going to miss her.