Maggie’s End Days


Maggie is in her end days.  I’m quite sure of it.  She doesn’t seem distressed, just confused.  She’s been an interesting cat – until lately, she’s never been very demonstrative.  These past few weeks she has demanded attention and has been given it.  These past two days, she has kept to herself….away from the food and water.

Yes, she’s in her end days.  I will let her go and, if she develops pain, I will assist.  She hates being in the car so I hope it doesn’t come to that.

She’s been an interesting cat. I’m going to miss her.

4 thoughts on “Maggie’s End Days

  1. I have a cat, much like your Maggie. I love her story. My cat, Minnie called and reached for me through the grates of the cage she was housed in at a small mom and pop pet store. I fell in love instantly. She too, doesn’t want to be held, but always wants to be near and likes having one-way conversations. Occasionally, she will reach out and snag me as I walk by, if she thinks I’ve went too long without speaking to her :). I hope Maggie has an easy passing, for you and for her.

  2. Most vets will come out to your house if you request a house call and can give a little notice.. I wish we could have done that with our old girl but it was a weekend and minutes before they were going to close, so we had to rush over there. I would have preferred her to be at home rather than at the vets, and that would be our optimal situation for any future kitties.

    Long time no chat, I’m still reading your blog. 🙂

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