COVID-19: Day 18 Acceptance

It was a quiet day until I got the email telling me a short story of mine is to be published in print and online.  I’m very pleased.  And surprised.  I only submitted it because the journal offered editorial feedback.

I don’t have details yet, but when I do, I’ll share.

I’m starting to get a rhythm to this work-at-home stuff.  I still distract easily, but that could be stress.  I was told by a wise person that we’re all ADD under stress.

Be good to yourself!


COVID-19: Day 17: New Normal

I put myself on a schedule in order to protect my sanity.  Up at 6 am, work by 8 am,, lunch at noon, quit working at 4:30.  Bedtime at 10.  (This latter is problematic, but it’s a goal.  So is sleeping all night.)

It’s working.  I’m centered.  I got stuff accomplished today.  And now I’m entering the entertainment time of the day.  I’m watching crime dramas on one of the few channels my antenna can receive, sipping a glass of wine, and playing with the dogs.  I’ll clean the kitchen here in a minute.

I did leave the house today.  If I’m to work at home, I will need paper:  nary a sheet in the house.  So, off I went.  I was surprised to be greeted on the interstate with a sign telling me I was supposed to be at home.  Essential Travel Only!

The office was dark and rather eerie.  It was a very atypical Monday morning.  I watered the plants and grabbed a ream of paper.  Home I went.  The round trip took slightly over an hour.

But there were people out.  Not as many as normal, but a fair number.   That may change a little.  They closed the park today and they’re going to start ticketing/citing folks who don’t comply with the stay-at-home order.

An aside:  Speaking of which, the Virginia governor told his people they to stay at home until June 10th.  JUNE 10th.  He’s a pediatrician by training.  He probably understands this stuff better than most.

All-in-all, today was uneventful.  I’m not anxious or stressed and I’m settling into a routine.  Let’s hope this continues.  We all gotta do what gets us through the night.   I’m sorry this is so boring, but I’m grateful for an uneventful day.  They’ve been few lately.


COVID-19: Day 16: John Prine – We are living in the future.

John Prine is frail and was intubated yesterday with symptoms of COVID-19.  He has some other health issues.  This is not good news.  Not at all.

I was introduced to John by Mark Blain and his wife, Donnie.  Both of them are gone now.  We were standing around on a camping trip talking about music and somebody mentioned John Prine.  I said I wasn’t familiar.


Mark looked at me as if I were an alien and began reciting the lyrics to this song.  Everyone there joined in.  My first order of business after the camping trip was to acquaint myself with John Prine.  My first album was Storm Windows.  It’s a great one.

Oh, he’s an American original and a treasure.  My heart hurts.  This is so not good.