COVID-19: Day 17: New Normal

I put myself on a schedule in order to protect my sanity.  Up at 6 am, work by 8 am,, lunch at noon, quit working at 4:30.  Bedtime at 10.  (This latter is problematic, but it’s a goal.  So is sleeping all night.)

It’s working.  I’m centered.  I got stuff accomplished today.  And now I’m entering the entertainment time of the day.  I’m watching crime dramas on one of the few channels my antenna can receive, sipping a glass of wine, and playing with the dogs.  I’ll clean the kitchen here in a minute.

I did leave the house today.  If I’m to work at home, I will need paper:  nary a sheet in the house.  So, off I went.  I was surprised to be greeted on the interstate with a sign telling me I was supposed to be at home.  Essential Travel Only!

The office was dark and rather eerie.  It was a very atypical Monday morning.  I watered the plants and grabbed a ream of paper.  Home I went.  The round trip took slightly over an hour.

But there were people out.  Not as many as normal, but a fair number.   That may change a little.  They closed the park today and they’re going to start ticketing/citing folks who don’t comply with the stay-at-home order.

An aside:  Speaking of which, the Virginia governor told his people they to stay at home until June 10th.  JUNE 10th.  He’s a pediatrician by training.  He probably understands this stuff better than most.

All-in-all, today was uneventful.  I’m not anxious or stressed and I’m settling into a routine.  Let’s hope this continues.  We all gotta do what gets us through the night.   I’m sorry this is so boring, but I’m grateful for an uneventful day.  They’ve been few lately.


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