Big storm this weekend?

Down in this part of the state we usually miss all or most of the winter storms that streak across the nation.  While I will complain bitterly if it turns out to be a cold, snowy winter, the first real storm of the season is always exciting. 

I’m uncommonly fond of Chris Bailey’s blog over at WSAZ.  I’ve been checking in frequently to see if he’s ready to offer an estimate of how much snow, if any, we’re going to get with the storm that is being described as a “monster” by lots of weather folks.  Chris isn’t ready to predict snowfall amounts yet and all the refreshing I do doesn’t seem to be hurrying him along.  Well today I ran across the following cartoon and am now wondering what kind of sense of humor Chris has.  (By the way, this site – XKCD – is most excellent and a new favorite of mine.)

If I was a weather forecaster this is exactly the kind of stuff I would do (at least until I got fired).