Big storm this weekend?

Down in this part of the state we usually miss all or most of the winter storms that streak across the nation.  While I will complain bitterly if it turns out to be a cold, snowy winter, the first real storm of the season is always exciting. 

I’m uncommonly fond of Chris Bailey’s blog over at WSAZ.  I’ve been checking in frequently to see if he’s ready to offer an estimate of how much snow, if any, we’re going to get with the storm that is being described as a “monster” by lots of weather folks.  Chris isn’t ready to predict snowfall amounts yet and all the refreshing I do doesn’t seem to be hurrying him along.  Well today I ran across the following cartoon and am now wondering what kind of sense of humor Chris has.  (By the way, this site – XKCD – is most excellent and a new favorite of mine.)

If I was a weather forecaster this is exactly the kind of stuff I would do (at least until I got fired).

4 thoughts on “Big storm this weekend?

    • I think so. But weather folks seem to be agreed we are in for full blown nastiness this weekend. A big snow is no fun at all when accompanied by below 0 windchills. So, I’m stocking up on spirits and kerosene – one to warm the inner and the other the outer.

  1. I swear – that’s the weather here on the Eastern Shore. There is this HUGE thing on the radar – then it gets to the Chesapeake Bay, and POOF! NADA! Zilch… OR, there is nothing out there, you hang your clothes on the line and a cousin to a hurricane drops in on your neighborhood. In BUCKETS!
    Funny, that.

    • It happens that way here a lot EXCEPT for summer storms. Ohio Valley is like a magnet for thunder and lightning.

      In 1987, I think, we got the surprise April Fools snow. Nobody had seen it coming. Nobody had even seen a significant change in temperature coming. One day I was in the yard basking in 75 degree weather. The very next day the radio guys were going on and on about school cancellations, etc. I thought they were spinning an April Fools prank. They kept yammering. I was thinking I’d had enough of how juvenile they were being when I left the bedroom and saw 20 inches of snow outside the window. I have never seen a situation where the weather folks got it that wrong.

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