Not quite ready for Unclutterer

I routinely read Unclutterer and it’s been a real inspiration for getting the house under control.   My office, however, remains a disaster.  It’s silly season at my place of employment and I’m busier than a one-armed paper hanger on a unicycle in a hurricane.  It’s not likely I’m going to get around to cleaning this up, painting, and organizing any time soon. 
I will declutter.  I will declutter.  I will declutter.
I will declutter. I will declutter. I will declutter.
It's silly season at the office
It’s silly season at the office

3 thoughts on “Not quite ready for Unclutterer

  1. Um, that’s not too bad, akshually. I’ll see your office and raise you mine. 🙂

    I wandered in here from Buzzardbilly’s place. I’ll have more of a look around this evening!

    Hey! Welcome!
    The blog is still under construction here. Actually, I will probably always be “fixin’ to get around to finishing stuff” – but since folks seem to wander in here, I feel like I should at least have the intention of getting things guest-ready.

    As for the office, well, I didn’t want to show the full extent of my depravity. I didn’t photograph the stack of pop crates or the horror story that is the credenza. –C

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