The Inverse of No. 10

Connie has the tools and understands the process, but still can't do it.

Connie has the tools and understands the process, but still can't do it.

For years, I did not know who wrote You are wrong because…    Now that I do, it seems obvious.  However, it seems like there should be something in this list about committees and group projects.  To wit:  you are wrong because you assumed a group of people followed through to the logical conclusion.

I do not understand how it is that we can design a jack that allows wimpy me to lift my car partially off the ground and, thoughtfully, to provide that marvel of engineering with the twinky spare tire, but fail to provide a means of getting the lug nuts off that isn’t reliant on brute strength.   In short, because I am not a big lug, I cannot de-lug.  How hard could it be has felled me again.  When I rule the world, things will be different.

2 thoughts on “The Inverse of No. 10

  1. Before jacking the car, insert lug wrench onto lug nut with handle of lug wrench in horizontally pointing in the 9 o’clock direction.
    Lean against the car and step one foot onto the handle of the lug wrench. Now lift the other foot off the ground. Now shake you cute old(er) ass a little bit. . . you can do that, can’t you?
    The nut should become loose at this point.
    Just loosen them a little bit, don’t take them off untill you’ve jacked the car.
    If the nuts won’t loosen, spray with some WD40 (shoulda done it anyway before this all started).
    If that doesn’t work, go to plan B.

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