5 thoughts on “Silly Shoe Season (No. 2)

  1. We could care less about women’s show wear because we haven’t gotten past women’s underwear yet. . . except when they seem to go together so well. . . you know, black CFMs, stocking, garterbelt, etc.

  2. Now those are some fine shoes! I used to be very into shoes. Then, my Pisces feet which must always be comfortable won out. Now, I specialize in what my sister calls “Mawmaw shoes,” but I still bust out something special when the occasion calls for it.

    Old Cake Icing Ass, the ex-hub, was a shoe fetish kinda guy. I had a pair of heels that were to die for. When I found his cache of pics of his cheaty sweety wearing my lingerie and that pair of shoes, they were forever ruined for me. Bastid. Couldn’t the bitch afford her own lingerie and shoes?

  3. It’s a good thing, really, that most men don’t care about what they put on their feet. Can you imagine what the average household budget would be like with the men shopping for cool shoes too??

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