Happy Birthday to Me!

My two families, the biological one and the cyber one, plotted and schemed to surprise me with a huge shindig at my house.  Right now is the calm before the storm.  Chef Boy ‘R Mine has cooked and cooked and cooked and there is still more to go.  The church pew is covered in wine, champagne and beer – gallons of each.  The puppies are fair twitching with all the attention.

The bacchanal begins at roughly 6.  Those of y’all within driving distance – come on down.

Connie (Fifty!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

P.S.  No pictures.  Some lowlife in Berkeley Springs stole my camera.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday! I was afeared on where you were. Glad you’re facing a birthday fête. Believe me, I’d be right over if I could.

    And feck on the lowlife. Asshat. Maybe you’ll get a new one for your birthday.


  2. Happy Birthday, Connie! It sounds like a right glorious celebration. Just the right way to usher in the next decade of exploration.

    And a thousand curses on the person who took your camera. May their roof leak, their dogs howl and all their vehicles refuse to run. The same thing happened to me in Jonesborough Tennessee. I had hoped that someone would turn it in but of course they did not. Upside? I got an even better camera.

  3. Happy belated birthday!! I so suck at keeping up with reading these days.

    When one of my favorite women in the family hit 50 when I was growing up, she took it as a free ticket to grabbing young manbutt. She’d just squeeze some strange dude’s asscheek in public real quick, then say, “Oh, I’m sorry. That was a hot flash.”

    I plan on keeping up that tradition. Squeeze away, my friend. Squeeze in peace.

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