7 thoughts on “What’s in your refrigerator?

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    Hm. Shoyu. Teriyaki sauce. OK, you still one local girl. Wait wait. Where da kim chee? Da poi? Da guava jam?

    Yah kama’aina status now in jeopardy, Tita!

    No worries. Our Annual Cosie Awards include an Hawaiian Care Package, wit all dat stuffs and more. Hot dried squid, baby!

    You gotta write more, though. Very high quality, just not enough.

    I could see you as the next Sue Grafton. A feisty hillwilhelmina tracking mining company miscreants through the backwoods and across the razed mountains of Appalachia: An environmental private eye. Make us drool with the local color! Drive a Citroen! Smoke Gauloises! Wear a raspberry beret! Piss everyone off!

    (As you might imagine, I read way too many mysteries. Also Sci-Fi, Brit Spy, and those classics I never got around to, in between. Jack London, right now. But don’t put me in your chain. I don’t want to die if I forget… )

    • LOL! If I were to win the annual Cosie award, I would be insufferable.

      It’s kind of hard to find poi in these here parts, but I’m one of the few haoles who actually like poi. Now kim chee, damn, ain’t had that in forever – need to rectify that.

      As for mysteries, you might enjoy C.J. Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake series. Damn fine historical fiction whodunnits set in England at the time of Cromwell. Apparently the author is both a historian and a lawyer – I love getting my history from well-written and accurate novels.

      • .
        You’re definitely in the running, kiddo. Keep up the good work.

        I’ll check on transportability of poi & kimchee. What kine? Cucumber, daikon, bok choy? Or we could send you kimchee sauce or powder, and you could make it yourself w/WVa kine veggies. Rhubarb kimchee? Swiss chard? Fried green tomato? Up to you, brah, er, tita.

        Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check Jelly’s & Rainbows for used copies. If you like alt-history fiction, I would HIGHLY recommend Kingsley Amis’ “The Alteration,” wherein Martin Luther becomes the Pope, there is no Reformation, and no English or American Revolution. Electricity is banned, and everything runs on steam, right up to the 1970’s, when the novel takes place. It may be the first “Steampunk” novel.

        And remember, fiction is the Devil’s coffee shop. Muahaha!

  2. I bought the Yeungling because there was an avalanche of marketing upon the news that Yeungling was now available for purchase in West Virginia. I’m not a big beer drinker, but decided I should see what the fuss was about. I was underwhelmed. Negra Modelo remains my favorite beer (in the bottle with a lime wedge shoved all the way in). Now there was something called a dog bolter that I got in England that I liked immensely – haven’t found it here.

    • Hey, Negra Modelo is my fav too! Whattaya know.

      I’d recommend Belgian style beers, Chimay Blue (I think) to start — but not to end, because there lots of equal quality but cheaper to be had.

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