Geek Girl’s Computer Repair Instructions

Step 1: Put the incorrigible machine in time-out in a corner. Drink coffee, run amok in the hallways complaining about people who click on stuff they shouldn't be clicking on, take deep breaths, ommmmm for a minute or two, maybe go to lunch or have inconsequential conversations disguised as Terribly Important Communications.

8 thoughts on “Geek Girl’s Computer Repair Instructions

    • My Warm Fuzzies purr when I’m told I’m brilliant.

      Now then, watch it, sister. I’m the help desk, the sys admin, the web master and everything else related to the machines. (Near as I can figure this is because I’m not afraid of the machines.) We geeks bristle at “helpless desk”.

    • Actually, this technique does work at times. Once tech support (me) and the computer both calm down, both of us work properly. It’s the oddest thing. A friend of mine told me about this a few years ago. I promptly adopted it into my bag of tricks. Alas, it did no good on this machine, but I was calmer.

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