Home Again

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.

Today was a commuting adventure. It started when I couldn’t get the car door open for the ice encasing the car. It continued with not being able to get the tires unencased from the ice that was a snowy mud driveway  just yesterday. The adventures accelerated as I did sliding down the hill (shiny side up, headlights more or less forward) in neutral with my foot poised over the break brake (Freudian typo?)  And it all ended with news that even the 4x4s couldn’t get up or down the hill which meant that I wasn’t just walking the hill, which I expected, but that I was walking up by way of the old barn.

The old barn route is longer, but a far more picturesque route – unfortunately all I had with me was the cell phone camera. The evening constitutional was as pleasant as circumstances allowed – the backwoods teeming with deer. The neighbor’s German shepherd kept me company. It was kind of peaceful – pity the windchill kept me from coming in here, grabbing the camera, and returning to that long and winding road.

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