Had Enough, I have I have.

It’s 50F in the house and I’m a wee-bit annoyed. The electrician that performed $1500 worth of re-wiring 15 days ago is supposed to “stop by” this morning to check things out. I’m afeared the snow will keep him from getting here. Or something else, like a paying customer – I have no intention of paying him a cent for today’s adventure; and I think he senses that. If I do open the checkbook it will only be after he does a lot of convincing.

While I have lights, I do not have hot water or heat; and the hot tub hasn’t kicked on to circulate water since yesterday afternoon.

Yes, I have lights, a space heater and a kerosene heater, but still I woke up to 49F in the house. As for the lights, they dim and flicker.

I’m more than just annoyed. I’m cold and mad. I have had enough.

Ancient burial ground? Or incompetence?

I drained the last bit of hot water to take a shower and wash the spackle dust out of my hair. I cannot find the blow dryer. So much for everything I learned in Girl Scouts – chiefly Be Prepared

[As for Be Prepared, I think that’s why I’ve been a gross over-packer for my entire life.  Now that airlines are charging for luggage, things could get expensive.  Well.  That was a stupid statement.  My entire life is getting expensive.]

I have the tea kettle on top of the kerosene heater – I think it seems friendlier that way. Besides, it’s a small (and futile) attempt to make the damn thing more aesthetically pleasing. 

The puppies are nestled in Cadillac of Dog Beds. Was my braving the perils of the Beelzebub of Bobbinhood a tempting of fate? Or Be Prepared? I also had a full tank of kerosene.  [I guess some of that Girl Scout training sunk in aside from over-packing for vacations and business trips.]

Things could be worse. I guess. I’m probably tempting fate by saying that.

So. I have a raging case of the Crankies punctuated by welling tears of frustration.

I’ve had enough. Winter needs to be over.

Every year about this time, the longing for Spring reaches fever pitch. The cooling that fall brings is welcome after the Dog Days. Finding the $10 bill in my wool coat always sets a nice tone to the beginning of winter. I rather enjoy hot chocolate in the early days of frigid temperature. But by Valentine’s Day, I am so so tired of winter and the ensuing challenges. That’s never been truer than this year.

I have had enough.

I need to begin thinking about 2010 Gardenpalooza.

4 thoughts on “Had Enough, I have I have.

  1. Well, well. I may have to pay him afterall – for a service call. It seems that the bulk of the problem may be the power company’s problem. 220 is not feeding into either my house or my parents’. They’re out there now climbing up and down poles in the cold and snow. Film at 11.

  2. Well, I’m glad you may have a solution.

    I think EVERYONE is tired of this winter. I have heat, but MAN!, I’m paying for it. The power bill last month was over $500. And, it looks like this month’s will be that too.

    Get this — Progress Energy has applied for a RATE HIKE! Criminy, how much money do they NEED!

    • Our power company, Appalachian Electric, requested and more or less got, a 40% rate hike to be spread over a few years. I can’t remember the details (I’m in shock still), but my electric bill will nearly double within the next couple years. I’m already paying them more than 10% of my take home salary.

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