6 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Yeah ….. the blog-free people don’t quite understand the photo thing, do they! LOL

    I once attracted a whole gaggle of police officers watching me photograph a scarf on one of the alligator sculptures. Finally their curiosity got the best of them and they asked my husband WHAT was I doing.

    He said, “You can’t see? She’s putting a scarf on that alligator.” LOL

    • LOL. We had a person decorating places in downtown Charleston (WV) – I don’t know if he/she is still at it or not, but it was a hoot and a holler.

      If I could knit (or crochet), I’d be swathing Huntington in yarn.

      I still feel a little self-conscious when I start taking photos when there’re people around, but I’m getting over it.

    • I am too. The tree branches were a separate issue. I still needed to have the circuit box replaced, so it’s not like I spent $1500 on nothing.

      We had high winds the day of my Exorcist Power Problems – had I not just had all that work done, I probably would have assumed it was a tree and started walking the line. When you live in barely clearing forest clearing, you’ve got to expect tree/power line problems.

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