Mmmmmm Matisse

I've only been looking for this print for this spot for eons. I'm so happy it's as wonderful as I thought it would be. I love it when a plan comes together - a rarity in my life.


Filed under February 2010

12 responses to “Mmmmmm Matisse

  1. Roseann

    Perfect! It’s like he painted your portrait.

  2. Isn’t she. . . (Name that tune.)

  3. Very nice. It is so colorful (with all the right colors) and contains so many intricacies I first thought it was something South or Meso American.

  4. Roger's Place

    I love your Matisse but it took me this long to know how to say it.

    Your Matisse
    is the
    Beeisse Kneeisse.

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