5 thoughts on “Progress is slow, but progressing nonetheless

    • They’re just gorgeous. I get mixed reactions to them. Some can’t figure out why I’d have such a thing and others try to figure out how to steal them. And yet others want to know how they can get their very own.

      I thought they weren’t going to be able to stay on those bookshelves, but maybe it will work out. I really don’t want to hang them on the wall and that’s the only other solution to the Where to Put the Torsoes Dilemma.

      • I hear ya furry. I’m actually thinking about getting one of those $250 web laptops that run windows. I really want an IBook, but like said, too damn expensive. I bought my monster tower PowerMac back when I had a job. Nice thing is, it’s 10 yrs old, still runs like a champ, never crashes and is still fast by any std.

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