Progress is slow, but progressing nonetheless


I've got to figure out the cord clutter, but the office closet is mostly done.


My Maiden, Mother, Crone sculptures are not going to be able to stay here (alas), but ain't they something! Plan B is to hang them on a wall somewhere.


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5 responses to “Progress is slow, but progressing nonetheless

  1. Dee

    Love the sculptures. The warmth of the wood just adds to their beauty.

    • They’re just gorgeous. I get mixed reactions to them. Some can’t figure out why I’d have such a thing and others try to figure out how to steal them. And yet others want to know how they can get their very own.

      I thought they weren’t going to be able to stay on those bookshelves, but maybe it will work out. I really don’t want to hang them on the wall and that’s the only other solution to the Where to Put the Torsoes Dilemma.

  2. SagaciousHillbilly

    Git a Mac and you’ll save space.
    And yes, they truly are something nice.
    Wish you’d tell me where I can git one.

    • If I could afford a Mac (or even a new PC), well. . . Well! Well, then. . .Things would be different.

      Send me an email, s’billy, I’ll give you the artist’s contact information.

      • SagaciousHillbilly

        I hear ya furry. I’m actually thinking about getting one of those $250 web laptops that run windows. I really want an IBook, but like said, too damn expensive. I bought my monster tower PowerMac back when I had a job. Nice thing is, it’s 10 yrs old, still runs like a champ, never crashes and is still fast by any std.

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