2 thoughts on “Not looking forward to the drive home tonight.

  1. Dangerous to be sure, but beautiful! That’s also why one doesn’t opt for a rear wheel drive BMW in a snowy climate. My sister drove her cheap little 2002 Honda Civic up a hill in Columbus, OH a few days ago passing a brand new Beamer spinning its wheels in the snow.
    I don’t hate that it’s been sunny and beautiful in San Diego this past week but my heart does long for the seasons, even with all of their inconveniences.

    • I generally love that we have 4 seasons, but the past few years it seems like all we have is summer and winter. It’s hotter’n hell or hovering around 0. There’s talk that we might get a big storm this week – big like a foot of snow. I’ve said frequently that I like snow provided it’s BIG snow. This 2-3-4 inch nonsense isn’t anything but annoying. IF we get a FOOT of snow AND IF it isn’t 2F at high noon, I WILL get out and romp in it. We had a few inches here the other night that started out as sleet. I was at the shelter and at 9:30 I left to go put gas in the car. The gas station is less than a mile from the shelter. It took me a 1/2 hour to get there and back. The major state road in this area was nothing but a skating rink with everybody on the road playing bumper cars. Sheer terror – the last thing I need right now is to crack my car up. I spent the night at the shelter and woke up with 14 teenagers which was also sheer terror.

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